Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Analysis- Jane Crocker in Namco High

Jane Crocker has been decided as the second of the 3 Homestuck Characters (the first being Terezi).

The first thing that struck me about choosing Jane Crocker as a character is that (no offence to Jane fans, but) Jane Crocker isn't exactly a popular character, and (assuming this is there only Kid representative) I would have expected either Rose, Roxy, Dave, Dirk, Jade or possibly John, but Jane and Jake where never exactly "popular" with fans. However then I noticed there was a pattern with her and Terezi, they both have to do with the legal posses, these parts of them are even specifically mentioned in the text (Jane: Whose always out to get the scoop (possible food pun, as-well as sleuth) Terezi: Is obsessed with Justice).

Is it possible that this is due to some kind of side story that will feature all the 3 homestuck characters that ultimately uses Jane and Terezi, and can this help us figure out who the final person might be?

Well, I think it is possible that it may be the cherubs (both of them) since it is the final species representative and it creates the Criminal in the dynamic, also it would be interesting to be talking to Calliope then accidentally have it so you say Caliborns name so he comes out and all of those kind of scenario's.

Also I like how they didn't decide to use the same Art style for Jane that they used for Terezi, since it seems all characters are using different art styles. Also, I really like the way the made her look. They've said that she's kind of chubby previously, and I think that the "not to overdone" look works for her, and she looks allot like how i think Hussie wanted her to look, a normal girl, the kind you would see in a school yard talking to a friend, similarly to how John could be seen as the normal boy.

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  1. Get your fucking English straight


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